To delight our customers, we need great people on our team.  

Interested in applying? See open positions below as well as learn about Scribe’s values that are part of everything we do.

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Scribe’s Values:

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Perfection may be the enemy of good, but “good enough” is just as surely the enemy of greatness. Your work isn’t merely “good enough”; your content shouldn’t be either. We strive to deliver the best possible work product within your project parameters.

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We proactively look for ways to optimize every opportunity, do things better, and make our clients look like rock stars. This isn’t a 9-to-5 for us; our radar is up all the time for new ideas, interesting developments, and clearer ways to explain difficult concepts.

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We know there is always more to learn, and we constantly seek to better ourselves. But you shouldn’t hear our voices when you read our content; you should hear your own. To that end, we listen more than we talk, and we seek to channel your unique gifts, not our own.

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We approach our work, and our clients, with positivity. We appreciate others’ ideas, work, and input, and we’re excited about the chance to help others. (We’re also animal lovers, so we’re inspired by the eternal optimism and joyfulness of our pets!)

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We appreciate every opportunity to serve our clients and each other. We’re beyond lucky to get to do what we do, and we know it. We are grateful for our circumstances and for the work of our colleagues.

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We take responsibility for our decisions and actions, and we do what is right for our company and our clients. We correct our mistakes, even if no one else would notice them.

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We trust that our teammates, and our clients, are doing their best work. We’d rather assume good intentions and be wrong than think the worst of anyone.


We share our thoughts clearly and honestly. We keep the lines of communication open with our clients.

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We have a growth mindset. We recognize that we can learn more and do better if we work hard, try new things, and fail forward. We do our best to avoid mistakes, but we’re not afraid of them—they’re opportunities to learn.  

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We do things differently. There’s a time to be in the box, a time to step outside it, and a time to kick the box to the curb (with the recycling, of course). Experimentation is a crucial mechanism for driving our breakthroughs.