Social Media Marketing Strategies

Expand the reach of your audience

Our social media strategies are designed to help you achieve your goals and improve your interactions with your audience. We start by auditing your existing channels and listening to your customers: we monitor customer feedback, brand sentiment, and industry trends. We use what we learn to build a strategy, including keywords, hashtags, and influencers, and an authentic voice designed to engage your followers and expand your reach.

We then populate the strategy with thought-provoking posts that establish trust, build credibility, and start conversations that bring more prospects into your funnel. Our goals are to optimize your presence through a regular cadence of posts and, for events, through live coverage through Twitter and microblogging. We can also help with targeted paid social advertising campaigns to generate even more leads.

We’ll help you:

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Audit your social presence

Discover what is and isn’t working on all of your social media channels


Create and optimize your social media profiles

We’ll create profiles for your organization and its executives and leaders so you maintain a unified voice.


Draft and execute compelling social campaigns

We’ll brainstorm and manage organic and paid campaigns true to your brand and voice that drive higher traffic and conversions.

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Optimize performance

Focus on continuous improvement by studying key performance indicators and ensuring performance aligns with company goals.